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This kit includes billet ELATE X FI INTERCHILLER A/C fittings, pre-made AC lines and powder coated mounting bracket all specific to the Lexus ISF platform, dryer and race solenoid are also included.  This kit makes fitting the FI INTERCHILLER system to your vehicle a lot simpler than opting for the universal kit.

What is a FI INTERCHILLER system?

In simple terms we are T-piecing into the cars AC system and splitting the refrigerant 50/50 between your cabin and chiller. We also install a solenoid on to the line going to the cabin so you have 2 modes of operation:

  1. Cabin and chiller
  2. Chiller only (Race mode**)

The FI INTERCHILLER core is a patented design, one of the many reasons the system is able to get so cold and also have ZERO impact on cabin AC performance.
Your intercooler fluid will pass through one side of the chiller core exchanging it’s temperature with the cars refrigerant, which then results in freezing cold intake temps as the intercooler fluid gets colder and colder. This system removes the need for an external heat exchanger but will utilise the rest of your existing W2A system if already installed.

**Race mode is race track safe as no condensation will leak from the cars cabin evaporator.

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