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** Limited pilot build release | 16/03/2024 | 08:00am NZST **

ELATE’s world first roots supercharger kit tailored for the ’08+ Lexus ISF 2UR-GSE.

The default setup includes the FDFI1900 roots-type supercharger which is manufactured in Victoria, Australia by Harrop Engineering and features the latest Eaton TVS1900 rotor pack. Other sized such as the FDFI2300 and FDFI2650 are also available for those chasing larger power goals.

We have spent months in testing our development vehicles, both on and off the dyno. This effort has allowed us to refine a full bolt-on supercharger kit that requires no vehicle modification, cutting or splicing of the wiring loom, and retains the crash bar—a prerequisite for any vehicle undergoing engineering or certification by a regulatory body.

With our kit, you can expect a minimum 20% increase in power at the wheels at 6-7 psi on a healthy, stock-standard engine. This figure would rise significantly with supporting modifications such as headers, exhaust, filter upgrades, and, naturally, a tune, as fuel supply issues will start to arise.

The results we’ve achieved so far only just scratch the surface of the capabilities of this setup when paired with a built engine, custom tune, our large 60mm water-to-air core, and E85 fuel.

Supercharger Considerations:
Before choosing what supercharger to include with your package you need to be clear of what your end goal is going to be. When used on the 5.0L 2UR-GSE at sea level (altitude) with the smallest 65mm SC pulley we offer and factory crank pulley the FDFI1900 will provide a maximum boost pressure of  9psi, the FDFI2300 will do a maximum of 14psi and the FDFI2650 19psi. All kits are supplied with a 6-7psi pulley unless another boost target is requested.

ISF 2UR-GSE Intercooled kit inclusions:
~ ELATE 2UR X ISF Series intercooled supercharger manifold w/ top plate and all mounting hardware.
~ Harrop FDFI1900 supercharger w/ vertical bypass.
~ ELATE billet 2UR to FDFI throttle body adapter.
~ Direct injection driver extension looms (6 pin and 8 pin).
~ ELATE Dual pass external heat exchanger with -12AN fittings
~ ELATE UR Series 6 rib supercharger Pulley ( 5 OR 7 psi)
~ 6PK2680 Drive Belt
~ ELATE 2UR Idler pulley bracket.
~ ELATE UR Series cast front water cross-over.
~ 400 series -12AN line and fittings for W2A system(4 meters)
~ Bosch 1200LPH W2A pump
~ ELATE W2A pump relay loom (Suit mini fuse)
~ ELATE W2A reservoir w/ 15psi relief cap.
~ ELATE ISF W2A pump mount.
~ ELATE ISF upper radiator hose
~ ELATE silicone heater hoses
~ Additional fittings and hose clamps.
~ Installation instructions.

** Disclaimer: Adding forced induction to any engine produces additional power which in turn produces additional stress on the engine itself, by purchasing and installing this kit you are willingly accepting these risks and acknowledge that you have carried out a compression test to ensure your engine is healthy and capable of handling the additional power along with installing the basic supporting mods such as headers and an exhaust system. Under no circumstances will ELATE be responsible for engine damage caused by the addition of one of our supercharger packages**

For applications where the kit will be fitted to a vehicle with additional bolt-on like headers, exhaust, etc a tune will be required. We recommend reaching out to our tuning partner Reflash RD Performance for more information.

The pilot build kits are assembled to order, lead-time until ready to ship will be 5-6 weeks.



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